Develop a marketing strategy

Once you know your target audience, you’ll be able to create a marketing strategy that works to attract potential patients. One of the important factors to consider is their age. Each generation uses different sources of information, so you need to use relevant tools according to the demographic characteristics of your potential patients. Currently, there are six live generations that are possible targets to enhance your practice:

GI Generation – Born between 1901 and 1926
Silent Generation – Born between 1927 and 1945
Baby Boomers – Born Between 1946 and 1964
Generation X – Born Between 1965 And 1980
Generation Y / Millennials – Born Between 1981 and 2000
Generation Z – Born After 2001
Source: Statista

A diversified marketing approach will be necessary if your practice is in a diverse population area. Loyalty is the keyword for older generations, while the potential for innovations and flexible solutions, such as downloading lab results from the net without a physical visit to the practice, is an asset to attract younger patients.

You can also create a media kit that contains all the information about your practice, along with useful links and contact information. This is a pre-packed set of information that can be distributed to members of different media. You can use this kit as a welcome pack for your new patients that they can share with friends and relatives and thus help your practice grow.

Get listed on local directories

If you have just started your practice, it is important to let people know that you are there for them. A few years ago, yellow pages were the ultimate tool for finding the contact details of the place or a person you need. Now, the Internet allows us more options. In addition to running a successful marketing campaign and setting up your website, it is also a good idea to register your practice at local directories.

That way, your business details will be visible to people all over the world. Potential patients will be able to find your practice and get the contact details they need. Best of all, it’s free to use the services provided by most major search engines. Just check Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Locations and follow the steps to register your practice.

Use visuals to attract more interest

Visual stimulation catches a person’s attention very quickly. Therefore, be sure to include visuals in all content related to your practice. You can boost the number of doctors or statistics showing successful treatment, etc. and if you do it correctly it will have a big impact. Instead of listing the details, you can create infographics that will be more appealing to potential readers.

A great visual element will be present in the employs you employ to present and advertise your practice: printed content, websites, social media accounts. Make sure to use high-quality consistent images that will help you present your vision and mission correctly.

Including a photo of each member of your staff with a short bio is a great way for potential patients to present your team. Often, appearance is the first thing that attracts us to a particular person, and this can greatly influence one’s decision to trust someone.

Create or improve your website

A website is the digital business card of your practice. If you haven’t, it’s time to invest some resources to create it. If your website is a bit outdated and has not been updated regularly, be sure to change it.

Your website can be a great referral source. You can publish reviews and testimonials from patients and staff members. You can organize a blog with useful information for your patients. Great content is always important and this is another way to provide added value to your patients. In addition, regular articles will also help you rank better on search engines, making your practice more visible to those looking for such services. This can have a direct positive impact on the potential development of your practice.

If your practice has many patients speaking Spanish, for example, or if you are located in an area with many Chinese speakers, it is a good idea to translate your website into that language.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that your site is user-friendly. It will be tailored to the patient and help them find what they need as quickly as possible. Your site should be mobile responsive and easy to use regardless of the mobile device. The possibility of booking an appointment for a patient or downloading the lab results directly from the site is a nice plus that will be greatly appreciated by current patients and will attract potential people.

Use social media
Social media is a great advertising tool with a lot of potentials. If you are active on your social media accounts, you will give your patients the option of liking or sharing your content. Thus, it will be viewed by their social circle and it will generate more traffic and potential leads to your site which can become patients.

Share relevant information and monitor your presence online. Positive feedback is great but there can be negative reviews too. Try to make the best of it. Analyze such reviews to try to find the cause of the complaint and try to resolve it. Be sure to respond to both positive and negative reviews to indicate that you care and if any significant problems are encountered by many patients.

Use the latest technologies
Whether you like it or not, modern technology governs every aspect of our lives and healthcare should not be an exception. Big data and Artificial Intelligence are integrated into healthcare marketing to bring more tangible results to both practice and patients.

AI can be used in many ways to gain competitive advantages in practice – from AI-assisted operations to analysis of patient data to shaping your next marketing strategy.

Be sure to point out to your potential patients that innovation is part of your practice and new technology is being applied at every step so that you can provide consistent and high-quality treatment. Technology sells in every business, and healthcare is a business that needs to take advantage of formulas operating in other industries.

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